Monday, October 15, 2007

Teeth eruption = Whinning baby

Well the Heat Monster came back in the evening... temperature 37.4Deg, gave Little DinoEgg the med and the temperature hovers around that deg. He did not finish his 180ml of milk, left about 70ml. After that it was hell for us... he keep whinning n crying n is so cranky! He keeps chewing the pacifier n drooling non stop.

We did see abit of the lower right lateral incisor so guess its really making his gum feel very uncomfortable. When I tried to apply the teethign gel, this little rascal bite hard onto my index finger!!! I was so pain n it really felt like his is going to bite it into half!

After crying for 3hrs plus, I was so fed up coz he whinning can really gets into your head. I bring him into the room, switch on the aircon, stick his milk into his mouth n try to calm him. He drink about 40ml of milk then started to be cranky again. Then I remembered a calming baby CD in the room n quickly switch it on. The minute he heard the soothing music, he stopped his crying, sat up n starts swaying to the beat. I took this opportunity to give him the pacifier, make him lie down n pat him. In less then 10mins, he was in slumberland *phew*

I hope tomorrow he will not be giving the teachers alot of problem, must pack his teething gel in his bag....

Alright, good night everyone~

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