Friday, November 16, 2007

Dinner @ Mum's

Went back for dinner, its a very yummy dinner, there are

- braised meat 卤三层肉
- black vinegar pig's trotters
- fried tofu
- herbal soup 十全大补汤
- fried broccoli & califlower
- abacus 算盘子
- steamed fish
- fried noodle

These are dad's favourite food and ALL made by mum~~~ All of us had a good dinner, full in the tummy :)

Was resting at the sofa when Little DinoEgg starts his "engine" -_- He got jealous when mum carried Han Han, will walk briskly to her, then become koala bear n cry. He did the same thing when Daniel carried Han Han... GOSH!!! What a vinegar pot!!!!

The 2 babies started to made noise, cry n whine till I cannot stand it so we made our way home.

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