Monday, November 19, 2007

An evening @ Sis' place

Pop by sis' place after Simon's ROM. Wanted to take a sneak of some goodies hehehe~ Little DinoEgg totally enjoyed himself, playing with Cousin Chu Farn's heaps n heaps of toys, and of course Cousin Chu Farn's great company :) Most importantly, I can leave him with Chu Farn, laze on the sofa n watch TV~

Cousin Chu Farn have a BIG dolphine balloon, Little DinoEgg was so amused by that "blue flying thing" in the air. Keep staring at it n trying to grab it. Noticed the pictures do not have Cousin Han-han? Coz she is having her beauty sleep in her room :P When she woke up, both the babies have a fun time with that Dolphine.

After lazing at sis' place for almost 3hrs we headed home. Little DinoEgg kept yawning while on the ride home, he missed his afternoon nap again....

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