Monday, November 19, 2007

FOX Factory Sale!

Last Saturday went to FOX factory sale with Elaine+Shawn. Was expecting a HUGE crowd since its a weekend, surprisingly the crowd were just nice, not sardine packed, a daddy can carry a newborn n still hover behind the mummy with ease. Alot of the parents brought their kiddos along, I saw a few newborns too. However, when mummies are inside grabbing stuffs, daddies are outside waiting with the kiddos :)

Once in, Elaine n me went our separate ways, hunting n hoping to grab good clothes. I searched n searched but could not find anything nice for Little DingEgg *sob sob* The size is either too small; 0-3 or 3-6mths or its old designs which I saw earlier this year. And 99% are for gers!!! When 1 of the staff took out some new stocks to replenish, I asked her if there are any boys' clothes, she say "sorry, we dun have alot of boys' clothes." So sad!!! Hey! Boys do not need to dress up too izzit???!!! SO UNFAIR!!!

I managed to grabbed 1 tee @ $5 n 2 pairs of socks @ $2 each (the socks are real big but hey, its really cheap so grab first lah!) The tee size is 6-12months but i see its kinda big n maybe can fit Little DinoEgg so I bought it anyway (cheap things hard to let go haha~) Elaine grabbed alot of clothes woohooo~~ but she is buying for a few people too so its ok :)

After an about an hour @ FOX factory sale, we headed home. ~THANKS ELAINE+SHAWN FOR THE RIDE TO & FRO FOX!!~

Below is a pair of socks I bought in Oct'07, cute rite~~!!!! Its big though BUT I just couldn't resist!!! I got the FOX poison... too deep... uncurable.....

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