Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I signed up for PayPerPost

I was blog hopping when I chance upon a small icon in some of the blogs. Its says "payperpost", looks kinda interesting thus I click on and before I knew it, I clicked on the "sign up" button.

The reason I sign up? Coz payperpost pay me for either a post for any products, services and websites that I like via PayPerPost Market OR if my traffic is high enough I will be paid from the advertisers via the PayPerPost Direct. I simply just have to search the Opportunities then do a blog posting, get my content approved, and get paid. It's that simple

This is good since I am into blogging (who is not??!!) and earn some pocket money while doing something I like, its just seems logical right? I hope to start earning significant amount then pay for the daily necessities for my son, coz this blog is mostly about him so the money earn should be use for all his needs right? Of course if there are any extras, it shall be used to buying stuffs for his dear ol’mum -> ME! Haha~

Some of you may still be skeptical, so pop by the payperpost bloggers’ testimonials and witness the truth! You may wish to see their code of ethics especially you are always blogging about products, services & websites etc.

A few of my friends have already gone up to payperpost website to check it out. They have taken a step, so why don't you! So don't wait! sign up with payperpost NOW!!!

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