Saturday, November 17, 2007


Today is Little DinoEgg's MMR jab, his appointment is at 9.45am. I woke up at around 7am to start the day slightly early, washed up, take breakfast then awhile later Little DinoEgg woke up. Fed him milk then I proceed to do some washing. Luckily today is a sunny day so my piles of clothes will be "kiss" by Mr Sun instead of being hang inside the house risking having those damp smell.

We were all ready and out of the house by 9.30am, took the LRT to Seng Kang and walked to SingHealth. As usual there were already alot of people in the waiting area. We quickly got out queue number and proceed to 2nd floor and wait for our turn. The waiting area outside the MMR & DPT rooms were as crowded as usual; kids running around, babies crying or making noise, prams all over the place etc. We found a spot and sat down to wait patiently, preparing ourselves to wait for at least an hour before its our turn. Took some pictures while waiting :)

* Little DinoEgg trying to grab the camera*

*Little DinoEgg lying cozily on my lap*

Surprisingly, we did not wait for very long, about 45mins later our number was called and we went into the room. The nurse weigh Little DinoEgg; 10.94kg... hmmm... still have not hit the 11kg mark, seems like he has not been gaining much weight for the pass 1mth+.

A while later, the nurse prepare the necessary things for the jab. I asked Daddy to sit n hold onto Little DinoEgg as I am really scared of needles!! The nurse jabbed Little DinoEgg on the left arm (I thought it was suppose to be on the butt/thigh as I heard some of them mention it, hhmmm....). When Daddy held Little DinoEgg tight n restraining his movement, he was not happy n starting to struggle n make noise. The nurse quickly gave him the jab, Little DinoEgg was staring at the nurse when she held his arms with 1 hand n the needle at the other hand. He actually saw the needle went into his arm n out *faintz* Of course he wailed n wailed so loudly!

We tried to coaxed him by giving him the pacifier, no use; still crying with the pacifier in his mouth. So I showed him the wang-wang biscuit and he immediately stop crying -_- Greedy boy....

The nurse told us that not all babies will develop fever after the MMR jab, and it does not affect the babies immediately. Fever will only come between 5 to 10 days after the jab. So I have to be very careful and monitor him, will need to inform Little DinoEgg's child care centre about this too.

After this we proceed to Compass Point for a Burger King breakfast before heading off the baby Sean's baby shower.

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