Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sleepless in SengKang (Part 4)

Little DinoEgg is starting his crying spells again!

He will turn in at his usual bedtime of 9pm, latest 9.30pm but will wake up crying n screaming at 1am, 2am, 3am n 4am... This has gone on since Sunday! Luckily Daddy is there to pacify him n try his best to coax him back to sleep. Then I can have my beauty sleep though its not a peaceful one coz whenever Little DinoEgg cry, my mind will be half awake n if he cries too long, mind will be fully awake (even though still lying on the bed). Sometimes if he cries for quite a while I will get up and see how is he doing.

Daddy yesterday asked me whether he was traumatized at school coz his cries n screams sounds like he was having nightmares. I told him I do not have any idea coz the teachers did not mention anything to me nor did they put any remarks in his small blue book.

Maybe, just MAYBE, Clara traumatized him with her deadly bite!

When can we have a good night sleep? Every morning Little DinoEgg goes out of the house with a tired face, even though he is happy n smiling n everything....

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