Tuesday, November 27, 2007

You MUST take it!

Yesterday Little DinoEgg was at home with Daddy.

In the afternoon, Daddy was lazing on the sofa watching tv while Little DinoEgg was playing with his toys. Then suddenly he took the tv remote, walked to Daddy, pushed the remote to his face n say "eerrr-errrr", gesturing Daddy to take the remote control.

Daddy told him "No I dun want the remote control." then went back to the watch the tv. Little DinoEgg still does not want to give up. He pryed open Daddy's hand n shoved the remote control into it, then he proceed by closing all the fingers onto the remote control. Its as if telling his daddy "I asked u to take the remote, you MUST take it!"

hahaha~ this nottie little fella... so young and already so bossy.

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