Friday, December 14, 2007

16th Months Milestones

Milestones Time!

Its so fast, 12 Dec'07 marks 16th month old for Little DinoEgg.

Let's see what has he accomplised... ok one thing he finally learnt is how to bite Clara back wahahah~

He can understand more instructions from us as he learn more words.

He can now say milk-milk clearly instead of mi-mi or mum-mum or ma-ma. He can patiently wait for me to make his milk by either sitting on the mattress or watching tv but he is impatient the minute he see the milk bottle! He will immediately lie down on the mattress and stretch out his arms n go milk-milk-milk-milk. If you do not move fast enough n give him the bottle, he will start to make noise.

When he was younger he likes to play with remote controls. We always stop him from taking it. He even know which button to press to off/on the TV or the light. We used to have to snatch the remote controls from him, now we only have to tell him nicely to put it back onto the table and he will do it.

He is such a helpful boy. Twice he tried to carry my bag when I dropped it onto the floor, but of course he could not as the bag is so heavy :) I did not asked him to pick it up, he just do it automatically.

Though he understand a lot of words but seems like he has chosen not to say them out loud very often. He even does not want to say his favourite word "bird" or "dog". Must think of some ways to make him open his golden mouth.

His latest trick is JUMP! Yes! Jump! If u hold onto his arms, he will be very happy as he can simply just kick his legs real hard and he will be "flying" up and down. If no one wants to hold, he will try to jump but try as he may he simply cannot be "air borne". Only manage to lift 1 leg up thats all. Another good way to be jumping up and down is on the sofa, coz its spongey n with spring. He just need to push his little feet onto the sofa a little harder and he'd be "jumping". This ALWAYS gets a scolding from me as its so dangerous! What if he stands too near the edge or near the arm rest n jump thus flying off the sofa???

I think in his dictionary, there is no such word as DANGEROUS...

hmm... since he has been getting sick pretty often for the pass months, he has lost some weight. When he went for his MMR jab on 15th Nov'07, the nurse took his weight n he is only 10.45kg :( Now when u hold him, you can no longer feel the fats on his arms, his chubby cheeks has gone down even further. A friend told me that a child needs at least 6 months to get his immune system up and fighting off all those nasty virus. Its been 5 months, another month to go and I really hope that after the 6th month he will not be feeling under the weather so often.

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