Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Clara Again!

Today have to work late so asked mum to fetch Little DinoEgg home from child care centre. When I reached mum's home at around 9pm, 1st thing mum told me is Little DinoEgg got bitten again. Initially I thought it was jus the usual bite that Clara has given him. When I take a look at the bite marks my blood starts boiling!!!!

The bite was so hard that teeth marks were swollen n it has turned blue black. I am ok with small fights n harmless bites but this is WAY TOO MUCH!!!
Have I been there to fetch Little DinoEgg, I am definately going to make myself know about my displeasure. I was so angry that I text Wendy immediately to complain to her n let off some steam.

Tomorrow is public holiday so I can only wait till Friday to give a piece of my mind to the teachers and principal. Boy oh boy, they are definately going to get it from me!

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  1. poor thing... you mean this is not the first time?! that other kid is real fierce! hope its not too serious and it goes away soon ya...

  2. hi sting, this is the 3rd time tt ger has bitten my son! once on the back, 2nd time was on the hand, n now this... getting worse n worse.

    we have a few parties to attend this week with the public holidays n xmas nearing... now pple will see his bite marks instead of his smooth fair skin :(

  3. poor bb!that's is too much.Where did he get this-in school?

  4. hi sweetiepie, yupe in his infant care :( There is this biter ger who loves to sink her teeth into anyone who irritates her.

    Its obvious that she dun like my son since this is the 3rd time :( Either that or my son really taste that good wahahaha~