Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Feeding Thy-self

Little DinoEgg having half day at school as its New Year eve, as I am still on leave and Daddy is not working today, both of us went to fetch him. He was still napping when we arrived at the centre , make noise when teacher woke him up. However the minute he saw us, he immediately perks up.

We decided to do some groceries shopping then pack our lunch back home to slowly enjoy it.

After I have put some duck rice into Little DinoEgg's bowl, I decided to teach him to feed himself. I put on his bib, put the spoon into his hand, while holding on to his hand, scoope the rice onto the spoon n bring it to his mouth. After a few tries, he insist on doing it himself, so i let him.

Even though he made a mess out of it I still let him try as he is still learning. A while later, he started to use his hands to pick up the rice but I stopped him, insist that he use the spoon instead.

Managed to take some photos of the whole feeding process, pictures are abit dark, but you can rough see what he is doing...

The end result...

He is so happy that he is able to feed himself, and of course, get to play with the spoon n bowl which are always a No-No-No to him.

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