Saturday, December 29, 2007

Gathering @ Diana's humble house

POTLUCK POTLUCK POTLUCK AGAIN!!!! After postponing our gatherings @ Diana's house for almost a month, we finally had it today! We were suppose to prepare sting rays for we could not find any for the pass 2 days!!! Fishmonger @ Blk 118 says have not been seeing sting rays for a few days :( Daddy wanted to get the pau for the kong bah but cannot find it at the NTUC too!!! Double sadness... We decided to get tt yummy roast duck from Fernvale, but when we were there, the shop is no longer there!!!! Triple sadness!!!! Ended up daddy bought the curry fish head instead.

We took a ride from Audrey+Colin to Diana's house ~THANKS AUDREY & COLIN~ It started to rain heavily suddenly and Audrey decided to wait for the rain to either gets smaller or stop before setting off to our place. And since we have changed Little DinoEgg into his nice nice clothes, wore his socks n shoes, he cannot understand why daddy n mummy are still sitting in the living room watching tv n chatting. Thus he made such a BIG fuss!!! Threw his tantrums as if protesting n demanding us to step out of the house IMMEDIATELY! We gave up trying to coax him n let him cry n sulk at 1 corner. Once we step out of the house a while later, he is 1 happy child again *duhz*

When we reached Diana's house, every one has arrived and started to eat. I quickly get into my photographer mode n start snapping away LOL After Little DinoEgg has his fill, we went into the play room n laze inside, enjoying the company n air con. The kids simply love that room! Its filled with loads n loads n loads of toys, especially with Thomas the Tank toys which Manfred simply loveee it!

All the mummies n kiddos were in the play room all the time n the daddies??? In the living room watching tv, occasionally eating, drinking n go outside puff puff smoke... We had a great time chatting, eating, scolding our kiddos for misbehaving, hugging our kiddos when they cry, teasing each other, joking n singing to Blue Clues/Hi5!/Thomas the Tank VCD. And my camera NEVER stops snapping *SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP* The results.... loads n loads of pictures!!!

Oh and Diana had a surprise for Audrey!!! Which she DID NOT share with any of us until the day *angry* As its Audrey's birthday on 31st Dec'07, she got a cake n we celebrated it for her ~HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUDREY!!!~ *muackz from Little DinoEGg*

Everyone sang a hearty happy birthday song, n as u can see, Ms Audrey is very surprised hehehe~ Ms Diana, u sure are good in keeping secrets BUT next time pls let the cat out of the bag for the guests lah :P

Everyone had a wonderful time, 100% fabulous gathering!! We left Diana's house at 10pm, though tired but had loads of fun. A big THANK YOU to Diana & Randy for the wonderful time toay! Little DinoEgg got too excited, he was tired but refuse to lie down and sleep... we had a hard time making him go into his dreamland.

Oh and last but not least, I think I took back the most pieces of Elaine's butter cake :P I put 2 pieces in my bag then before we left Diana's house, she gave me a bag of some packed food. When we got home n open it, we found 3 more pieces of that butter cake. YUMMY YUMMY!!!

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