Friday, December 14, 2007

Heat Monster is here!

For the dunno-how-many times, Little DinoEgg got fever again! I am so tired of this.

Yesterday evening Teacher called me say Little DinoEgg is running a fever of 38Deg. He was playing happily with the toys and friends then suddenly he went over to lie down. Teacher asked him what happened and he gave her a very tired looking face. She touched him n he felt warm, took his temperature n it shows 38Deg. She called me and I asked her to feed med to Little DinoEgg.

Daddy went to fetch him, by the time I reached home, I saw his head with the cooling patch eating pau with Daddy. Thought his fever has gone down but when measure it still shows 38Deg.

Anyway its another sleepless night for us again as Little DinoEgg felt so uncomfortable that he couldn't sleep peacefully. He keep crying n only quietens down when Daddy carry him or let him lie on his chest. Eventually around 3am+ he went to sleep.

This morning when I woke him up, he still feels feverish, took the temperature and it shows 37.7Deg. He did not go to school today, brought him over to Granny's house instead. Called Granny in the afternoon n she told me his fever has gone and *ooppsss* i woke Little DinoEgg from his nap with my phone call *sorry son*

Tonight working late so can only see him after 10pm *sigh* Hopefully his fever is gone by then...

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