Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New Words & Tricks

Little DinoEgg learn some new words recently.

- Daddy taught him UP plus fingers pointing skyward.
- On Monday when we got out of cab, he suddenly blurted out BYE where he used to only wave n give flying kiss to cab uncle.
- Daddy taught him how to step step his feet. So when u say step-step, he will stomp his right feet. Do not know why most of the time its right feet, maybe instinct. Trying to teach him to differentiate LEFT and RIGHT, still trying to teach him that.
- Yesterday while in the LRT with Daddy, Little DinoEgg was playing with an auntie. When Daddy tell him "say hello", instead of waving only, he blurted out as soft HELLO.

And with him knowing how to say YES and NO by nodding or shaking his head, he's been getting very naughty. These 2 nights when its time for bed, he will protest, but will still lie down on the bed. After a while he will sit up, take out his pacifier then together with his smelly, pass it to either me or Daddy, shake his head, clapped his hands, smile happily then go to his toy box and take out his toys to play -_-

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