Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Revenge is SWEET!

Or in this case, YUCKY hahaha~

Remember Clara the Biter? Well Little DinoEgg gave her a taste of her own medicine yesterday. He sank his teeth onto her arms.

Teacher complained to me when I was there to fetch Little DinoEgg home. I was so shocked that I reprimanded him on the spot, he knew I was angry with him n he started to cry. After that I asked Teacher Halifah who did he bite, she say Clara. I was like "OH her?? Then ok lah" *ooppsss*

When I told Daddy, he praised Little DinoEgg *faintz* We know its wrong but Clara has bitten him twice, which is something we cannot tolerate. Now that he knows how to fight her back, hey! better give him some credits ya?

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