Monday, December 24, 2007

Sakae Sushi lunch

Just came back from a good lunch at Sakae Sushi. Me n Little DinoEgg were the only customer there as it was still early; around 1215pm.

I ordered a chowamushi & eel rice to share with Little DinoEgg, then had 2 plates of sushi while Little DinoEgg finishes 1 plate of tt egg sushi.

He totally enjoyed himself even though when I fetch him, the teacher told me he just fell asleep *ooppsss* Was so afraid that he'd be cranky n made such a din in the restaurant. And teacher also told me he just had lunch... but look at him.. he ate soooo much rice n stuffs.

Went to buy lunch for daddy n made our way home. He was still hyper when I put him on the bed to nap, but after some patting on his butt butt, he feel asleep peacefully.

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