Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snail Snail where are you going?

This morning on our way to school, we chance upon a snail. This lovely snail was making its way across a pedestrian pavement; it was half way across when we saw it. I squat down to let Little DinoEgg see the snail, he was very excited, keep pointing to it n make a lot of funny noises. Actually this is not the 1st time he see a snail but the last time he saw it, the snail was hiding in the shell. Luckily I placed Little DinoEgg on my lap instead of down onto the floor, he got so excited that he tried to struggle free from my grasp. God knows what will happen if he had the chance to get near the snail… maybe he will poke at the shell, maybe try to poke the snail’s eyes, maybe stomp his feet at the snail???!!!

After I dropped Little DinoEgg off at the school, I walked back the same route, saw the snail is already at the opposite side of the pavement. Who says snails move so slowly?

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