Thursday, January 17, 2008

Am I wrong?

Remember few weeks ago I blogged that Little DinoEgg is starting to eat on his own?

Last week when he was at Granny's house he wanted to feed himself but Granny do not allow, so he cry n made a hell-a-of-din! Ended up only ate a little... at night I got a scolding from mum *duhz* Say I let him "play" with the spoon n bowl n food etc thus now cannot feed him peacefully blah blah...

On Tuesday when I sent son back to child care, I called up the centre to tell them that they may have difficulties feeding Little DinoEgg as he may insist on feeding himself.

Teacher "OH~ U trained him to feed himself?"
Me "No, he just want to do it himself, we did not force him or anything."
Teacher "Cannot lah, not at this age. No table for him to use. We only allow them to feed themselves when they go to the older class."
Me "... ... ..."

I mean, am I wrong to let my son develop naturally? I told my mum angrily that day that we should let Little DinoEgg do what he wants rather then stopping him from doing something just coz "he is still too young". I feel that we should let him explore and learn at his own speed. If he feels that he can do it, he will, otherwise he will just simply refuse to do or learn.

If kids are slower then their peers, we worry; when they are faster, we stop them???

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