Wednesday, January 9, 2008

HFMD - 3rd Day

Its been a restless night for all of us, Little DinoEgg keeps waking up crying either for his pacifier, of discomfory, for his smelly pillow or for no apparant reason...

This morning he cried again at 630am... when I attended to him, he say "milk milk" so i went to boil the water, thinking to myself whether he is able to drink milk today or I have to syringe feed him again.

We sat down together on the sofa to watch Playhouse Disney while waiting for the water to boil. He was cranky initially but settled down when he turned his attention to Higglytown Heros.

After I made the milk n gave it to Little DinoEgg, he took the bottle was drinking it, no cry of pain etc *phew* I asked Daddy to stay with him while I washed up. I was away for about 10mins n when I came out, Daddy said Little DinoEgg vomitted all the milk out. OH DEAR OH DEAR!!! His clothes were all wet with the milk, I quickly dashed for the towels, wet wipes n a new set of clothes. Quickly change him out of the wet clothes n clean up. Tried to offer him the balance of the milk but he dun want.

Laze around with us for a while and I decided to make him go back to sleep as he woke up too early. Now he is sleeping peacefully, hope he can sleep longer as he did not sleep well yesterday.

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