Friday, January 11, 2008

HFMD - 5th Day Night

Mum came over to see Little DinoEgg so I took this chance to do my CNY clothes shopping. Reached home around 915pm to a very happy Little DinoEgg.

However saw a half finished milk, Daddy says Granny insist on carrying him to feed milk to him,thus instead of drinking milk he play with Grannhy. Nottie Boy! Daddy also says he did not finish his brown rice cereal too.... Granny's fault again haha~ seems like all grandmothers dotes on their grandchildren too much.

Saw that the red spots on his hands have gotten darker, spots on his kneecaps n feet are still slightly red, the ulcers outside the corner of his mouth are gone. That BIG ulcer inside the corner of his right mouth is gone.

After Granny went home at close to 10pm, Little DinoEgg is still hyper even though you can see that he is tired. Force him to lie down on his mattress and pat him to sleep, in less then 10mins he is in slumber land :)

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