Saturday, January 12, 2008

HFMD - 6th Day Morning

Still wakes up frequently at night, whinning in pain. He slept till 830am then wake up. After drinking his 210ml of milk, he is now enjoying a piece of cake... well more like wasting the cake coz he insist on feeding the cake himself. He still cannot control the spoon properly and thus most of the cake land on the floor.

Today the spots on his hands n feet have almost vanished, those on the kneecaps are still dark red, so are those on the diaper area. No more spots on his arms though. Can see ulcer on his tongue still and just now i saw something red on his gum, upon closer look, its an ulcer. But I think that ulcer does not bother him much as he can still eat.

Ok gotta clean up the mess he made with the cake....

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