Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Home Arrest Again :(

Reached child care, passed certificate from Dr Koh to teacher n chatted with her for a while for a while. When its time to leave, Little DinoEgg refuse to let go of me, clinged to me for his dear life... Teacher have to pry him away from me, he cry with his arms stretched out. Another protesting episode...

Received a call from child care centre saying that they noticed red rashes on Little DinoEgg's inner lower lip, they were afraid that it may be the HFMD so asked me to fetch him home. Took urgent leave and headed to child care centre.

Reached child care centre, teacher showed me where the rashes are... a look at it and I know its definately not HFMD. Its more like Little DinoEgg did not drink enough water thus making his lips red like bleeding. I told the teacher so too, nevertheless I still take him home.

Reached Dr Koh's clinic. He was standing at the reception chatting with his nurse, when he saw me he asked "What happened??", I told him my son was being sent home becoz of rashes on his lips. Register Little DinoEgg then went into the consultation room. Dr Koh said its impossible that he had HFMD again as yesterday when he checked him there were no rashes any where and those existing spots have already dried up. He took a look at the rashes n commented that it is not HFMD.

Then he asked me whether did I change his pacifier, suddenly it struck me that I have completely forgotten about this!!! As he has ulcers in his mouth, I should have thrown away that pacifier once he has gotten better... Dr Koh say maybe he have a relaspe coz we never know whether the virus is hidden some where in the pacifier :( Haiz... So careless of me... Dr Koh suggest keeping him at home for the rest of the week just to play safe and come back to see him on Friday.

Thus its House Arrest again for Little DinoEgg... he will be soooo bored....

Reached Compass Point and went straight to Kiddy Palace to grab a set of new pacifiers. Went to Metro too as I need to exchange the new shoes I bought for Little DinoEgg to a bigger size. After that Home Sweet Home.

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