Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Its Confirmed... HFMD :(

The afternoon around 330pm, we decided to bring Little DinoEgg to see Dr Koh as we found more red spots on his hands n thighs, also a few ulcers developed on the inside of his right cheeks. With all these symptons we are quite sure he's got HFMD but just want to make sure.

After Dr Koh examined him, its confirmed that its HFMD :( He said that it will take 7 days to go away n on the 4th day the red spots should be gone. There are no medication for HFMD, just have to wait it out. The only thing we need to take note is the fever, which can hit real high. Since Little DinoEgg is not taking any solids nor his milk or water, Dr Koh suggests that we give him glucouse water or 100plus to replenish the water in his body.

We went home and around 6pm gave Little DinoEgg his milk. He took a sip, cries n refuse to drink any more. Guess the ulcers is making any swollowing painful. As he has not taken anything today n milk only less then 300ml, we decided to syringe feed the milk to him. He willingly open his mouth when I want to put the syringe into his mouth but wails n cries after he swollow it... poor boy....

Later we sat down together on the sofa to watch Playhouse Disney till its his bed time. He has just fallen asleep 30mins before and has woke up 3times crying. Think the ulcers makes sleeping uncomfortable. Its going to be a sleepless night for us today again.

If we count from yesterday, means we should bring Little DinoEgg back to Dr Koh on Sunday. If he gives a clean bill then he will go back to school on Monday.

Another 5 more days to go and its going to be a long 5 days... A big THANK YOU to all our friends who show their concerns to Little DinoEgg. Your constant text n emails let us know that we are not alone to go through this. We still can turn to you for some ranting etc. Thanks again!

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