Friday, January 4, 2008

My very reliable tote bag

I bought this printed Trick-or-Treat tote bag last year Halloween from Old Navy @ SGD3.15. when I saw this I was captured by its rich color and pattern. I was contemplating whether to buy it or not.

After thinking for about 2-3 days, I decided to buy it as they were having sale. Even so, I was clueless about its size since it was not indicated in the website, and also its material. I was afraid its made of paper that breaks easily.

When I receive this tote bag I was very happy! Coz its made of good laminated paper n its very sturdy. I used it to bring all my barang-barangs around to friends' xmas parties n gatherings. It can even hold 2 bottles of 1litre DOM and did not even go out of shape.

Good buy, I would say!

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  1. 3.15 is reasonable price to buy and beautiful.I also got a halloween bag for the kids.But it's for i donated cad5 for each..yours is more beautiful than mine cuz it's so also can use this bag for make a good decision.:)

  2. I took a gamble but think its a good gamble hehehe~ This year look it up at Old Navy website, grab some for ur own use, they get dirt cheap when the Halloween is almost reaching or over :D

    I will sure be looking it up again this year. Coz those recycle bags or grocery bags issue FOC here are really ugly!