Thursday, January 31, 2008

Not Protesting Yippee!

This morning is the 2nd time Little DinoEgg walked into the centre without any tears or protest. Woohhoooo~~~ How did I do it? Well, the peep-at-baby works, he was smiling when he saw the babies sleeping or on their tummies on the floor (then he started to move his attention to the dust ON the window frame *duhz*). I carried him up to the door step, let him down and wait for teacher to open the door. Then he will walk in slowly as if uncertain whether to go in or stand there.

This morning, he walked in confidently, then he turned around and looked at me with a puzzled look. I said "bye darling~" turn to walk away n he protest by calling out *faintz* SO no more bye-byes fm today onwards...

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