Monday, January 28, 2008

Pineapple tarts for aunties

Yesterday collected pineapple tarts from Jessie, these 2 are for the cleaning aunties in Little DinoEgg's child care centre. Both of them like Little DinoEgg, especially the auntie who works the afternoon shift. Like him so much, treat him like her own grandson. Just want to get something for both of them to show my appreciation.

Was late leaving the office, ended up I was 15mins late meeting Jessie at Potong Pasir MRT ~sorry Jessie!!~ And I was late fetching Little DinoEgg, luckily I asked daddy to fetch him otherwise I have to pay $10 penalty for being late. I barely reach the centre and I saw the afternoon shift auntie walking away. I have to shout for her and ran up to her *phew~ tired*

I caught up to her n passed her the pineapple tarts, told her to pass the other one to the other auntie. She was very happy to receive the pineapple tarts :) I think she will like it coz its really very yummy~

Those who want to order the pineapple tarts, go to Jessie's blog and leave her a msg~~

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