Friday, January 18, 2008

Finally, out of the house!

Took leave today to stay with Little DinoEgg as mum already helped me to take care of him for the pass 2 days, gotta let her have time to rest as its really tiring for her taking care of her little rascal grandson.

This morning was still sleep sweetly when I heard Little DinoEgg made some sound, then he chanted "milk-milk-milk", I kept my eyes closed hoping he will go back to sleep. Instead he climb down the bed and went off to the living room chanting "milk-milk-milk"... Opened my eyes to see time; 7.34am... *yawnz* Got myself up n down the bed, go to the living room where Little DinoEgg is, switch on TV to Playhouse Disney, told him "mammy's going to wash up, later will make milk for u ok?", he nodded n off i went...

A while later gave him milk and woke Daddy up as he need to go office for a training. After he left for work, its just me n Little DinoEgg. We watched TV for a while then around 9.30am decided to let him have his morning nap as we are going to meet Jessie at 12.30pm.

We were slightly late... Jessie+kiddos & Daddy was already there but we were still at home just about to step out of the house. Took a cab n fly down... We had a yummy lunch at Yoshinoya then shopped around for a while at Compass Point. Little DinoEgg clearly is happy to be out of the house, have been in house arrest for 2 weeks... he is definately bored to tears. After shopping around we proceed back home coz Jessie need to collect some stuffs fm me.

The kiddos have fun playing together though Little DinoEgg is unwilling to share his toys with Denise n Zenson. Keep snatching away the toys they took... Have told him to share but he just gave me a blur look but continue to snatch *duhz*

Jessie stayed for dinner, daddy did not cook instead he went to pack 1 chicken n 5 packets of rice *yummy* They left close to 7pm, its quite late n nearing her kiddo's bed time, Zenson is getting cranky, better head for home before he gets too cranky haha~

I hope Jessie had a good day at our house :P Oh today Denise let me carry her~ YEAH!!! Denise have improved alot, so proud of her. When they were going home, she even waved n gave me flying kisses~~ though all small small ones lah heee~

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