Tuesday, February 5, 2008

一声钟声、一碗饭 One Prayer Gong for One Bowl of Rice

Taken from 05 February 2008 My Paper 我报. I did the English translation, so maybe the sentence or words sounds funny hehe~

敲钟祈福 给独居老人送米 Strike a Prayer Gong for rice for Elderly who lives alone

72岁的吴源成是个独居老人,他住在惹兰红山Jalan Bukit Merah一带的一房式组屋。这里可说是一个独居老人村,总共住了300个像他一样的独居老人。

72 years old Wu Yuan Cheng is an elderly who lives alone; he stays in a one-room flat in Jalan Bukit Merah. This place can be call an elderly village where there are about 300 elderly staying there.


Due to an old wound, Uncle Wu’s legs are not agile, but he is still able to keep his house in a orderly manner. With the arrival of the lunar lunar new year, the only thing he can do is to clean his house. Elderly like Uncle Wu receives S$290 monthly, which is not enough to buy rice to fill up their rice container let alone buying new year’s goods.


We can make these elderly people have a better lunar new year, let them need not to worry that for the next few months, they do not have the rice to serve a meal.

今年是资讯娱乐网omy第一次过农历新年, omy特地设计了一个“祈福钟”,并到中国苏州寒山寺把百年古钟的声音录下,让大家在农历新年上网敲钟祈福。

This year is information entertainment web omy first lunar new year, omy have specially designed a “Praying Gong”, and even went to Suzhou Han Shan Temple to record sound of a hundred year old gong so that everyone can go up the web to strike the prayer gong.


With every prays, sponsor Song He Fragrant Rice 松鹤香米 will donate 50g of white rice, omy hope to accumulate 30,000 bells so that all 300 elderly will have 3 months supply of white rice.

The counting starts from 06 Feb 2008 2359hrs!

Ring a prayer bell website : http://fun.omy.sg/omygong

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