Monday, February 18, 2008

Its Macaroni Time again!

Who can resist those yummy macaroni auntie Josie bakes? So our gang flew down to TPY on 17 Feb'08 hahha~ As I am typing I can still feel the cheese, bacon, macaroni etc melting in my mouth~ gosh feeling hungry right NOW!

Party starts at 3pm but we were late coz daddy went out around 1pm to run an errand and came home around 230pm. He has to bath Little DinoEgg (as mummy dun feel like bathing him) n get him to change. By time we left home, its pass 3pm.

Jane, Jessie, Adeline & Stephanie + all their DH/kiddos was already, but luckily we are not the last one to arrive coz Ms Bec still not there yet. We attacked the macaroni almost immediately, Little DinoEgg also loves it that he has 3rd helping altogether. We stayed till dinner and had macaroni as our dinner, no one complains as its was simply delicious~

After that we played blackjack and the Loh Family lost $120 to the gang, but its ok :) Most important is everyone's happy so we are too.

Left Wendy+Mike's humble home around 10pm, all super tired but definitely enjoyed ourselves. Thanks Wendy & Mike for organizing this CNY cum macaroni gathering!

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