Friday, February 29, 2008

My Little Chatterbox

Little DinoEgg is getting more n more chatty, though most of the time its still baby language.

Sometimes he will look at me with his big round eyes n talk to me with his baby language. Sometimes pointing to somewhere/something, seems like telling me about his view about that thing. Though I do not understand him or do not know what is he trying to tell me, I still respond to him. Sometimes in baby language sometimes in proper words. Most of the time he looked at me, then turn his attention to other things, as if thinking to himself "Mummy dunno what I am talking about, dun waste time with her" wahahhaa~

He knows his LEFT n RIGHT. For the pass few months I have been teaching him LEFT n RIGHT. Sometimes I will say "Where is ur left leg? Give mummy ur left leg to wear socks/shoes" No reaction except looking at me with a confused look. Few days ago while walking to school, I asked him "baby, where is ur left hand?" And he raised up his left hand. WOW~ Tried asking him about his right hand n he raises it up too. Being a proud mum, I asked him about his left n right leg which he promptly lift them up correctly.

Little DinoEgg also knows his fingers and can say the word Fingers too, since he was about 15-16mths old. I taught him the word coz at that time he freaks out whenever I try to put on either his long sleeve pj or his jacket. Why did he freak out? Coz he cannot see his arms n hands *duhz* Thus I have to think of something to make him less fearful. Whenever I am putting on the jacket or pj on him, I will ask him "Where's ur fingers? Oh~~~ heres ur fingers~~" A few days later he will say "Finger" whenever I put the clothes on *grinz*

Yesterday when we were on the cab back home from school, I took out my mobile phone to call Jessie. Little DinoEgg look at me, put his hands to his ear n say "por-por" (Granny), I told him "No darling, mummy is not calling por-por, mummy is calling auntie Jessie." He looked at me, a little bit confused. After my short chat with Jessie, I taught Little DinoEgg to say Auntie Jessie, 1st try "AAANNN-TEEEEE" then softly "J-ssiii~" I asked him to repeat a few times coz the pronunciation is not accurate n it ended up as "Or-TEEE SI-SIIiii~" *faintz*

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