Monday, February 4, 2008

No more tears again

Woke up late this morning as I slept around 1.30am, was still feeling very full after that heavy dinner thus couldn't sleep, force myself to turn in as its getting very late n I have to wake up at 5.45am later.

Rushed out of the house n forgot to bring out that red plastic bag with Jessie & Adeline's stuffs!!! *Sorry gers!!! Didn't mean to do that :( *

Little DinoEgg was in good mood, which is good otherwise we will be further delayed. Wanted to take a bus but realised it was drizzling when we were downstairs, so its CAB instead. There were not much traffic on the road and we ended up reaching the school on time. Used the peep-at-the-baby method again n Little DinoEgg smile when he saw the babies, even scream AAHH~~ when 1 of them made that same sound. Quickly walked to the door and put him down, he did not protest *phew*, waited patiently for Teacher Adeline to open door. He went in, stood near the door n stoned... I encouraged him by saying "Go in darling, n show your teachers your NEW hairstyle~~" He slowly took a few steps in.

While turning to walk away, i stopped at the window where we always peep at the babies. Saw Teacher took off Little DinoEgg's shoes n socks, put him down and he went to pick up 1 toy in each hand, then stood in the middle of the room and look at the teachers walking around busy with their chores.

I smiled then turn n head off to work. No tears today! Yeah! Keep it up Son!

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