Saturday, February 2, 2008

The shoes arrived this afternoon

This morning went to Giant Tampines n only reach home around 1pm+. Saw Mr Postman's white bike and have a feeling that he has got some thing for me. When we reach our floor, happen to bump into Mr Postman, carrying a package. i asked him whether is that for me and IT IS!!! Quickly signed for it n I knew in my heart its the shoes!

Later I opened up that package and YIPPEEE!!! Its really the shoes!!

The shoes cost only SGD17.25 & SGD20 respectively (including shipping), great buys ya hee~ One of the pair of shoe belongs to a friend.

Actually was kinda surprise that Mr Postman deliver the shoes today. The shoes only arrived yesterday morning and when I called SpeedPost they say will take3 working days for SpeedPost to clear the package for Mr postman to deliver. So means delivery should be next wee. Its really a surprise :D New shoes for CNY~~
PS : Those who are interested to get the shoes from this Taiwan supplier, leave a msg in my tagboard with ur email addy :)

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