Thursday, February 14, 2008

Walking walking

I am very happy with Little DinoEgg today :)

I did not carry him except while we were waiting for the bus as I was afraid he will run towards the road (we ended up taking a cab coz the bus was crowded). Yupe, he walked from our house to the bus stop. Then also from the minute we alighted the cab all the way to school *yippeee!!* On the way I picked him up to peep at the babies as our usual routine then he proceed to walk to the school's gate.

Then he played peekaboo~ with auntie (he remembered ytd's peekaboo game with Teacher Adeline :D). When he walked in n saw Teacher Adeline, he laugh, giggle n starts dancing making Teacher Adeline, auntie n Teacher Halifah laugh.

Oh Oh and 1 thing I am especially happy; I even got a kiss n bye from Little DinoEgg before he walk into the school!! Isn't that something great???!!!! I was in cloud 9 this morning!!

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