Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fever again

Yesterday afternoon Teacher Sue called me, says Little DinoEgg is running a fever of 38Deg. She told me that in the morning when the teachers took the children's temperature, he was ok, but after his nap the fever came. Also a few other children was running a temperature AFTER their nap. Weird right?

Being concerned I asked whether its HFMD or stomach flu virus, she says she has checked with those children that did not turn up for class today n its not either of that *phew* Anyway I think its Little DinoEgg's teeth that is causing him to have a fever though Teacher Sue says it may be the haze. Air quality has not been good for the pass weeks thus the children in the centre are having flu n cough.

Well, for the pass few years, at this time of the year the air quality is not good as the Indonesian farmers are burning their crops and the wind are always blowing towards our direction thus we always gets hazy sky n bad air. Its always the young and the old suffers *sigh*

Last night Little DinoEgg's fever subsided but came back again around 1am with a temperature of 38Deg. This morning decided to put him with Granny (lucky I told Granny my plan ytd evening) coz I was thinking since a few kids are sick and maybe *touchwood lah* today more will be sick then the teachers may not be able to handle all of them. On top of that, I know Little DinoEgg, he will be very sticky to the teacher if he is cranky n unwell, keeps wanting her to carry him etc. SO, stay home and irritate Granny better, who is more then happy to carry him n being irritated by him wahahaha~

Hopefully the fever will be gonez n tmr he can return back to school again.

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