Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hands n hands

Its Rhymes time! Since I was talking about Little DinoEgg's understanding of his LEFT n RIGHT, I'd thought I'll write out 2 rhymes about hands.

Clap clap hands 1-2-3
Lay them down
Upon your knees
Lift them high
To touch the sky
Clap clap hands
And away they fly~

Clap hands
Pat your knees
Lift up hands above your head
Clap hands again
Link your thumbs together making it into a "bird" then "flap wings" n fly away

This is my LEFT hand
I'll lift up high
This is my RIGHT hand
I'll touch the sky

Left hand, Right hand
roll them around
Right hand, Left hand
pound pound pound

Show your left hand
Lift it high
Show your right hand
Lift it high

Show left hand follow by right hand
Hold fingers into a fist n roll them around
Show right hand follow by left hand
Hold fingers into a fist n knock your left fist on top of your right fist (or vice versa)

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