Friday, April 11, 2008

Leisure Park for a lazy shopping

I was on leave today, suppose to bring Little DinoEgg for his 18 mth booster jab which was long over due. Anyway since he is still feeling unwell, have postponed his jab. Decided to bring him to Leisure Park for a toy fair, want to see if I can get some new toys for him.

Planned tobe there at 10am BUT the sky decides to rain cats and dogs... thus we only leave the house at around 11am. Reached Leisure Park and I was WOW~ Its been a long time since I was here last, its been through a refurbishment with new shops etc. Saw the toy fair.... the so call toy fair... was really disappointed with it. Its only a small area at the first floor atrium. Went in and came out within 15mins. The toys were more for older kids.

Feeling disappointed we left and went to Coffee Bean for our lunch of kids meal of roasted chicken& mushroom pasta for Little DinoEgg and a chocolate muffin for me *yum-yum*

After our lunch, I decided to walk around the mall. Well the mall looks new, with its shiny tiles and bright lights, there are more restaurants & a food court as compare to the retail shops. We took a walk to the 2nd floor and some balloons caught Little DinoEgg's attention. I tried to lead him away but all he does is turn around and stared at the balloon. So I asked if he wants 1 of it and he nodded his head. I asked the shopkeeper if he has any Elmo's balloon and he says NO, so I have to settle the next best one... Mickey Mouse! The balloon cost me $4.95! WOAH!! Such a high price for such a small balloon... However Little DinoEgg was very happy and keep swing it... well thats enough to justify that $4.95.

Walked a few more shops and saw an EC House look a like shop. There were no customer and the hair stylist was sitting there reading a comic. After thinking for like2 secs I brought Little DinoEgg in for a haircut. Coz hair cutting was on my To-Do-List, so instead of going to CP after that, might as well do it now, saves me a trip and time :) Little DinoEgg was well behaved, I was so worried that the scene from his last hair cut will be repeated *phew* He sat down on my lap quietly, occasionally staring at the shaver, but other then that he allowed the hair stylist to finish his job in peace.

Here is Little DinoEgg with his new hair cut and new balloon.

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