Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kuay chap it is then ^.^

And yupe, we really have a nice yummy kuay chap breakfast, woohoooo~~~ Thanks to Diana & Randy~~

Was sitting in the living room watching tv with Little DinoEgg when we suddenly heard some loud hard knocks at our door. Its Diana & Randy plus kiddos!!! With our yummy breakfast *slurp slurp* We were eating at the dinning table while Little DinoEgg and Demi happily walking around the table trying to engage us in wat ever they are interested, of course most importantly, trying to get a taste of wat we are eating hee~ Well Little DinoEgg got what he wants and got to taste the kuay.

After a good breakfast, we all sat down at the living room watching tv n reading newspaper while the boys play among themselves and Demi climbing all over Randy.

Around 1130am Demi starts yawning and gets clingy to mummy n daddy, so Diana decides its time to head for home for a good nap :)

Thanks again Diana & Randy for buying the yummy kuay chap upon my request, hope its not too troublesome~

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