Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Ok ok Sunday there were spots n ulcers, Monday morning the spots were either gonez or not as red n swollen as the day before. Ulcer on the tongue seems to have disappeared, there were still some sore spot on the one on the inside of the upper lip. Red bumps on the butt were gonez too~ All those spots n ulcers miraculously disappeared!!!! On top of it, he did not developed fever, still plays, shout, irritates, screams like his own usual self.

However, not wanting to risk it, Little DinoEgg stayed at home for a day yesterday. Calls back to Granny's says no fever, no diarrhea, no red spots, no point to the mouth n say "pain pain".... so is it a good news or bad news?? I am totally confused.

So to set my heart at ease, a visit to Doc yesterday night. I told Doc (sorry I forgot the doc's name) what has happened and my concerns. She took a look at Little DinoEgg's feet, legs, elbows n arms and found nothing. Took a torchlight with a strong beam n try to peep into Little DinoEgg's mouth; initially unsuccessful as he refuse to open or stick out his tongue, then I have to trick him by saying "stick out your tongue n do bblleeaaahhh". Bad habits dun follow ok haha~ Doc din see the ulcer supposedly that is on his tongue, only see redness on the inner of his upper lips.

Conclusion :
1. Doc says it could not be HFMD as spots dun go away over night.
2. This is after I told Doc that he got HFMD few months back; she says maybe his body already has the antibodies from the last attacked so was able to fight against it this time.

So is it HFMD?? Doc did not give me a confirm answer coz I think she is not sure too since early stage of HFMD is difficult to detect. She also did not request me to put him on house arrest for a week. SO~ I sent him back to school today :(

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