Saturday, May 31, 2008

Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair

We finally received an email from Mother Works (Stokke's local distributor) that our prize is ready for collection. So last week me n daddy headed down to Tanglin Mall to collect it.

While there, daddy saw the price of the chair... woah~~ a whopping S$465!!! And thats not all, the harness is S$79, the baby seat is S$89 and the cushion is S$99... Woah!!! All expensive stuffs!!! Little DinoEgg better appreciate this chair.

Here is how the chair looks like (minus the baby seat and harness) after its been fixed up by daddy :) A pretty chair right??

Its heavy enough and thus does not risk toppling over regardless of how the baby/toddler rocks, shakes n rattle while sitting on it. Daddy did fix the baby seat in but it was so small that Little DinoEgg couldn't fit in *giggle* And the height of the chair is just nice for our dinning table. So now we can train Little DinoEgg to sit at the table and have his meal.

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