Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back to School

After resting for a week Little DinoEgg finally went back to school today. I was afraid that he will cry when he sees the school gate so yesterday I prepared him mentally. Told him tomorrow he is going back to school to be with the teachers and his frens. He nodded his head, not sure he really understand what I have just told him.

As he has been waking up late for the pass week, this morning he was still sleeping soundly when I gave him milk, he stretched and yawned and whined a little but when he sees the milk he quickly grabbed the bottle and happily drinking it with his eyes closed.

No protests no nothing, his only main concern is we MUST take bus, no taxi! Lucky we were early so its bus we take follow by train.

When we reached school, its the usual "Boy, remember to listen to teachers, dun fight with your frens.... ...." blah blah then its off to the school gate where Teacher Adeline greeted us.

At night, I came home to a tired looking son. Daddy fetched Little DinoEgg from school, he commented that this little fella was yawning and rubbing his eyes on the way back home. A short while after his dinner, its off to bed for him. Gosh, school is so tiring hahaha~

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