Sunday, June 1, 2008

A not so typical Sunday

Was sleeping soundly when I was awaken by Little DinoEgg

Little DinoEgg : Pa-pa where? Where?? Where??
I was sleeping with my back toward him. He patted my back n leaned over me, stuck his cute little face to my face n say "Mummy~ Pa-pa WHERE??"

Me (Still half asleep) : Pa-pa outside...
Little DinoEgg : Go out.. I want... go out" Ignored by me...
Little DinoEgg : I want milk-milk. Mummy milk milk"
Me : ... ... ... Ok ok mummy make for you.

And I was force to get out of my bed, open the bedroom door n with Little DinoEgg walking trotting happily infront of me shouting "Pa-pa~ pa-pa~", he has successfully woke daddy up hee~

We were still having our morning coffee n watching TV when I received a text fm Wendy; breakfast at Tampines at her cousin's stall, wanton noodle~~ here we come!!

In Mike's car and off we go to Tampines. Little DinoEgg was shy and did not want to interact with Bel n Wendy. However after a while n with the help of few toys, he warmed up and was playing happily.

10.15am (or there about)
Reached Tampines n made our way to the market. WOW! Its been a long time since we visit such a market... its always supermarket n food courts for me. There seems to be so many yummy food! Quite a few stalls have a long queue in front of them. Managed to find a table, me & wendy took our positions at the queue at the wanton stall while the men take care of the kiddos.

About 15-20mins later finally ordered our food; another 15mins or so later we got our food! I walked back to the table with a sweaty rascal... according to daddy, he's been busy chasing birds *gosh* This is the first time he is so up close and personal with the birds. Usually the birds are either flying high in the sky or at a distance away. We enjoyed our bowl of wanton noodle, shrimp dumpling and chicken feet *slurp slurp* Oh Wendy bought some fish balls n its yummy too.

11.30am (estimation)
Reached home, fast right? Coz the Chua Family gave us a lift home :) Gave Little DinoEgg his milk and sent him off for his nap.

Slightly after 1pm
He's been having a great time chasing bird n playing in the car on the ways there and back that he should be tired right? NO! It took him half an hour to fall alseep and woke up about 45mins later....

After that its play, scream, watch tv, cry, diaper changing, chase after balloon, asking for "bread bread", play with cars, doing the Hotdog dance, singing (actually blabbering) with Mickey, Tigger n Pooh, play his imaginery guiter with the bunnies of Bunny Town. Oh and of course the hard knock on his forehead on the wall while playing with the mini cars on the sofa. He was trying to line the cars up on the back rest of the sofa, leaned too over n banged his head. Then chasing after the balloon which bounced to under the dinning area, while walking towards it, he fail to watch out for the corner of the table n another hard knock on the forehead again.

Tried making Little DinoEgg take his afternoon nap again since he only had 30mins of sleep earlier.

Failed in making Little DinoEgg to nap... Feeling fed up I ignored him and cook myself a bowl of maggie noodle.

Start to cook oats as his dinner (lazy to go out to pack dinner, plus daddy still napping...), but put too much water and ended up become oats drink *duhz* Luckily I added Little DinoEgg's milk into is so I pour the drink into a cup, stick the straw in n let him drink it. I was afraid that I may reject it but he loves it~ Smile so sweetly after a few mouthful. Left about 75ml out of the 220ml I gave him n said he is full.

Daddy finally woke up~ yeah! Little DinoEgg was so happy to see him. Stick to him like bee to honey...

BUBBLES TIME!!! It means bath time~~ n with daddy bathing him means there will be bubbles. Changed into his Mickey Mouse pj.

Around 8.15pm
Took his bucket of toys, wear his sandles but din managed to get his tiny feet in so he enlised daddy's help. After tt, said a loud BYE BYE to daddy, went to grab my keys n try to stick it to the nuts (cannot reach the keyhole) wahahahhaaaa~~ Too bad I was taking my bath at that time otherwise definately will take pictures of thie little fella...

Randy came up to take something fm me for Diana.


So here I am, after 1hr of tv, food, drink, entering today's "journal" Time for bed~~

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