Monday, August 11, 2008

Birthday BASH Planning - Part 9

Ok, remember the STAR that Adeline mentioned? Hee~ here is the STAR~~

I wanted something special so I made the invitation card myself, all 12 of them. Send to our Angeling group & siblings :) Each of them different design. I should have taken a photo of ALL of them BUT I forgot to do it and sent them out.

I hope the gang did not dunk the STAR into the dustbin after his birthday party :(

HEY GANG~ If u have no place to keep the STAR, return to me for keepsake ok *wink*

The STAR shape, alphabets, shapes n patterns were bought online. Since I am not able to find a nice envelope big enough for the STAR, I decided to made them. I simply buy Happy Birthday wrapping paper, cut them to the appropriate size and use double sided tape to stick them together. Even the addressee label is DIY, just chose the picture I want, copy paste then print them out in color.


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