Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Day After

After all the tearing, the crying "Mummy help me pls~", the "Cheese~", smile, laughter, the "Train, TRAIN!!", the "Mummy see train!!!" etc... Little DinoEgg finally finish unwrapping all his pressies.

And what did Little DinoEgg got from all the nice uncles and aunties???

- 1 motorcycle (Hmm... still wondering how to charge the batteries...)
- 3 Thomas Train play sets
- 2 Thomas Train
- 1 Thomas Train remote control play set (Ok by this time, I serious think that Little DinoEgg will be Ryan's new best fren for now hahaha~~)
- 1 car wash play set
- 1 drum set (uh-oh! I feel a headache and ear ache coming my way...)
- 1 polo tee and jumper (Hmm... auntie Caterine, I think hor I have to quickly wear these clothes many many times now coz its hor... fit nice nice now...)
- 1 Baby bird toy (He tore a corner of the wrapper and it revealed a furry thing, he got scared... thot what was that,maybe a monster?? haha~)
- 1 BIG piano (another headache n ear ache coming my way...)
- 2 Elmo CDs (DinoEgg face light up immediately when he sees Elmo, keep shouting ELMO ELMO!!)
- 1 Pooh CD story book (He was say Tigger Pooh!!! when he saw the book)


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