Saturday, August 9, 2008

FINALLY~ The Birthday Party

After 4 months of preparation, the DAY is finally here~ Little DinoEgg's birthday party!!

The nite before, both of us did not sleep a wink as we were putting up the deco, pump the 40 balloons, packing the goodie bags, pack a little of the house, clean the toys etc etc and you see~ what nice deco we put up hee~ The food is from Neo Garden, yummy food, never fail to satisfy the guests.

We ordered Elmo cake from Polar Puffs, the minute Little DinoEgg see thecake, he was very excited and can't wait to sink his hands into the cake. Keep struggling in my hands, trying to get free so tt he can get hold of the Elmo cake. He loves the cake too, had 2 pieces of it and was asking for more later that night but we did not give him as its near his bed time. The cake is very soft, the jelly is not sweet as it look, just nice :) Can consider their cakes for future birthdays PROVIDED we have vouchers to offset the price :P

The Early Birds... Little DinoEgg's grandpa were the 1st to reach, he was here at 1130am, minutes after Little DinoEgg went into the bedroom for his nap. Then Auntie Wan Huan is the next to arrive. Its been a long time since I last meet up with her, had a great time chatting with her. Next to arrive is Eunice n her 2 Rs hee~ Reiko suddenly feel so shy when she came into the house, become koala bear haha~

A while later, the guests started to come in and our house becomes crowded and noisy~ And the party started!! Eating n playing n chatting n laffing n also getting startled by the occasional bursting of the balloons hahahaa~~ As the party progress, I have more things to do n more frens to attend to. Lucky I have my mum, FIL, Simon n Ya-ya to help look after Little DinoEgg. Sorry I was so busy to snap pictures during most part of the party. If I missed out anyone dun kill me ya? *Grinz*

I hope everyone had as a great time as Little DinoEgg!


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