Friday, August 8, 2008

New Shoes again

See Little DinoEgg's new shoes~ Its See Kai Run shoes~ hmm... seems like I have been buying shoes for him non stop ya haha~ but the recent shoes are simply too big. And when I laid my eyes on this pair of shoes, I simply cannot resist! Got it from ItsyBitsyME!

I let him tried it on when I took it back yesterday. He was very satisfied with the shoes, after he wore it, stood up and say "Nice Shoes~" I told him that he can wear it to school today.

This morning, as usual I asked him to take his shoes so that I can help him wear n head out. Thinking that he has forgotten about what I have said yesterday, but I was wrong, he arrowed in to his new shoes and say "want this". I tried to make him change his mind to wear the Colette shoes but he was very persistent... SO~ here he was... wearing his house tee n shorts with his new shiny shoes *faintz*

And this pair of shoes is suppose to be for his Birthday this saturday... Does that mean I have to find another new shoes for him??? Ok... ItsyBitsyME!~~~ WHERE ARE YOU~~ NEED SHOES NEED SHOES~~~~
PS : If you like Little DinoEgg's shoes, contact ItsyBitsyME! to enquire about it~

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