Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Parenthood testing

Yesterday morning while on way to work after dropping Little DinoEgg at school, happen to take the same lift as a young couple. The mummy is slinging a 2-3mths old baby. Being human, we naturally are very curious to see the baby's face right? Walked near them n tried to peep, but unable too coz the mummy was facing the daddy and away from prying eyes. At first I did not feel it funny, maybe she really do not like pple to keep staring at her baby. However when we were in the lift, she went right in and faced the corner, that means her back is towards everyone, her gesture gives me a feeling that she is shielding her baby from everyone who may have some kind of disease etc that will harm her baby *frown*

I think nothing to it, we waited for the LRT and when it came, she boarded and stood at the end of the LRT, someone offered her a seat at the 2-seater seat. She sat down, half her butt on the seat, turned away from the person seating next to her n gave a black face. At the next station, the person got down and an uncle sat down, she gave tt uncle a super unhappy face then turned to glared at her husband.

Then the daddy simply just comment tt the baby seems to be uncomfortable then she slashed out at him, "I already try to sling him/her properly but him/her keep slipping down! Dunno how much soap u use on him/her!!" *GASPED* Wah like tt oso kena scolded... poor hubby. Then she went on...

"Why u dun come forward n take the seat beside me?!!"
"I carry so many things how to move forward??" *train was crowded and ya poor him gotta carry mummy's bag, his laptop n a big bag of baby's stuffs*
The mummy glared at him... and let off a frustrated sigh...

I feel so sad for the mummy, she probably has not got used to motherhood; those late nights feed, the demand of a new born, the mood swing etc... I think she is sliding into depression, plus the daddy also look like someone who are at a lost how to help the wife and the baby... I so wanted to help her, have an urge to give them my contact so that she can have someone to talk to. However, given the situation and the atmosphere there n then, I decided to walk away. What if the mummy lashing out at me too! I'll be too embarrass to do anything... Its like, I am being too nosey etc etc... I just hope she will get over it soon.

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