Monday, September 22, 2008

I need my beauty sleep

I was awaken by the thunder this morning at 3.15am. It was raining *meow* n *woof*, quickly ran around the house closing the windows before the rain floods the house. Was at balcony fighting with the bamboo blinds line, the wind blows into the balcony bring the rain, after letting down the 2 blinds I was wet on the face, my t-shirt n shorts are wet n half my hair is damp too.... On top of tt, my teeth were chattering from the cold wind n icy rain.

After tt, all the sleep worms left me... so I am wide awake, at 3.30am! Switched on the tv, nothing interesting, channel switching till finally around 5am the sleep worms came to find me. Lie on the sofa to catch some sleep but 45mins later I have to wake up!

So now, here I am, nearing the end of the day, eyes feeling heavy, head pounding trying to keep myself awake....

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