Sunday, September 28, 2008

Its all white *worried*

For the pass few days, I did not apply anything to Little DinoEgg's lip wound and it grew to be like a 5 cent coin big, all white n everything. Lip still abit swell, though he still can eat n drink happily. The only time he cries is when he woke up coz thats the time the lips are dry so any movement will break the skin.

Sis say could it be infection coz it cannot be grow unti so big since its only a cut on the lip. I was not worried at all till she mentioned... that got me worred. So.... off we go to see Dr Sharon.

We have to wait for a while for our turn, Little DinoEgg busied himself with the things around the waiting area. He also keep repeating "I like tt jump jump and OH fall down and pain~~" with action too; jumping n then squat down. I told him to tell Dr Sharon what happened when he ses her later, he said OK.

However when he sees Dr Sharon, he suddenly become very quiet n shy. At first Dr Sharon didnot see the wound till I pointed out to her n she aaawwwws~~ coz it look so painful. Upon close examination, Dr Sharon says that the wound has developed into an ulcer. She says can put bonjela which initially daddy n I thought about it but was against the idea coz it will create an intense stinging effect which Little DinoEgg definately will not be able to bear it. So she suggested another gel (forgot the name), it acts as a barrier and aids healing very fast.

Thus, off we go, armed with the gel, ready to tackle the ulcer.

Later tonight after Little DinoEgg's milk milk, I applied the gel on his lips. He cry... not sure whether its painful or he is simply just complaining. Anyway the gel is abit greasy, kinda water proof too coz I tried washing it off but some how still fill a "shield" around my fingertips.

Regardless, if it help to heal the wound fast n does not gives Little DinoEgg any discomfort or pain I am ok with it. Waiting patiently to see the results...

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