Sunday, September 14, 2008

Megan's #3 Birthday

Yupe! Little Megan is 3 years old~ She doesn't look like, I thought she is turning 4 :P

Brother decided to hold her birthday party at Civil Servant Club, a lunch buffet with only family members.

After fetching mum, we reached the place at around 12.30pm, and forgetful me forgot to see the exact location coz the clus is so big~ Had to call Magaret SIL but she also is not sure which function room (she's out collecting cake), she says its either S1 or S2. We walk over to S1, couldn't see anything coz the windows are blinded, we open the door and almost shouted out HELLO when 20+ pairs of eyes stared back at us *duhz* WRONG ROOM!!!! A quick SORRY and we quickly walk away, finding S2. Found Brother inside *phew* after a round of hellos, Little DinoEgg saw the balloons and started to play with it together with Cousin Megan.

A while after all the running after balloons n jumping, Brother decides that the both of them need to do something quieter hee~ he brought out some glittering paint and some pictures of Elmo, both of them started to paint. What about us?? We start digging into the nice yummy Thai food~

After the food, its swimming time~ Both me and daddy thought Little DinoEgg should be enjoying the water. Well he did! When we mentioned tt we are going swimming he was jumping up and down. After changing into their gears, we headed off to a shallow pool that create waves at certain timing. And at this moment it was creating some waves, not too big but according to Little DinoEgg's perspective its HUGE! Anyway he did went into the water, play a bit then daddy starts to lead him into deeper water.

Things turned out bad :( He becomes a koala bear! He started to scream n cry regardless of the numerous coaxing he still would not want to come down! So 20mins later, we lead a crying son back to the toilet to wash up *sigh* Really should not have go into this pool and climb the stairs to the baby pool instead.

So we went back and continue to enjoy the party....

After the party we went over to Brother's house as it has been quite a while since we last visited. Little DinoEgg was having a great time playing with Cousin Megan. Of course there are some "fighting" over toys but it's ok very quickly. Later in the night Brother n SIL lead the 2 kids out to the corridor to play with the fireworks. Both of them enjoy it so much~

We ended the day all feeling tired and happy :)

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