Thursday, September 25, 2008

OUCH!! that hurts!

Was out on errands when I received a call from Teacher Sha, she told me that earlier while singing in her class Little DinoEgg fell down n his teeth caught his lower lips, ended up with a big cut. Teacher Sha says they were singing about some animals and as usual the ever happy Little DinoEgg was jumping n dancing when he accidentally tripped n fell; while trying to imitate the bird flying; flapping his arms n jumping at the same time... It was so painful tt he cried so loudly, even after teacher put some ice on it... And later tt day when its milk milk time, he tell Teacher Sha "Teacher, pain pain" then give the bottle back to her. Teacher Sha ask him if he wants it in a cup n he said Yes. Managed to finish all 240ml of milk by drinking fm cup *clever boy*

When I fetch him, I saw his swollen lower right lip, oh dear... and such a nasty cut! *OUCH* The minute he saw me, he say "Pain Pain" n point to his lip, want me to sayang him.

Later during dinner time I was so afraid that he makes a big fuss and refuse to eat his dinner but was surprised that he can eats n drinks well. At night can even drink milk from the milk bottle. hmmm... is he trying to act pitiful in front of his teachers?? *nottie boy~*

I did not apply any medication on his lips other then cleaning it before he goes to bed, of course have to fight with him coz he does not want me to touch it. Hope this heals up soon but i doubt it as its really a big wound...

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